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Services & Rates

1 Hour Out Call Chair Massage: 

$75.00 (plus CBJ sales tax)

1/2 Hour: 

$47.25 (includes tax)

1 Hour: 

$73.50 (includes tax)

1.5 Hours: 

$94.50 (includes tax)

2 Hours: 

$136.50 (includes tax)

Senior rates are available—see us for details.

Please note that as of April 1st 2017 if you cancel less than 24 hours or no show to a massage appointment you will be charged half the amount of that session. We understand that unanticipated events happen occasionally in everyday life. It is our mission to provide quality Massage Therapy to everyone at Chez Santé.

  • Swedish Massage

    The classic technique that uses relaxing and invigorating strokes to increase circulation, and decrease tension. It is the most requested technique and is a good choice for your first massage.

  • Deep Tissue

    This is a more intense experience using deeper movements to access specific tightness and rigidity. Some soreness may be experienced with this technique, but the effects are longer lasting.

  • Sports Massage

    This technique incorporates rhythmic muscular pumping movements to reduce lactic acid build-up, static pressure to help release stress points, cross-fiber friction to help broaden and stretch tissue.

  • Trigger Point

    The human body has a bit more than 620 possible trigger point locations in its musculature. This technique is meant to relieve these tight areas within muscle tissue causing referred pain in other areas of the body.

  • Prenatal Massage

    Massage therapy, if undertaken during pregnancy, can yield a multitude of benefits, including anxiety relief, reduction in symptoms of depression, decrease in muscle and joint pain, and sleep enhancement.

  • Hot Stones

    In North America, Native Americans use heated stones in their sweat lodges and ceremonies. Heated stones are still commonly used today in health club saunas. Modern Hot Stone Therapy was popularized by Mary Nelson.

  • Myofascial Release

    This modality utilizes sustained pressure to eliminate pain and restore motion by treating myofascial connective tissue, which could tighten due to hyperactivity, neglect, trauma, or an infection.

  • Combination Massage

    There are times when a client will like deeper work on certain areas of the body, and a more relaxing touch elsewhere. We encourage you to discuss your specific needs with our massage therapists.

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