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Massage Benefits

Much of our stress today comes from an accelerated pace of living, financial and employment concerns, relationship problems, and physical imbalances, to name a few. Massage helps provide relief by soothing the nervous system, which in turn helps muscles relax and allows the heart rate, blood pressure and circulation to return toward normal. Massage helps to take the edge off almost any stressful situation by giving you a “time out.” In a period of deep relaxation, it’s amazing how much healing can take place on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level.

Massage can help break the cycle of chronic pain by stretching tight muscles, increasing circulation to the tissues with oxygen-rich blood, and by stimulating the removal of metabolic wastes via the venous and lymphatic systems. Many people with “fibromyalgia,” low back pain, headaches, “carpal tunnel syndrome,” neck and shoulder pain, etc., have responded favorably to massage therapy. You need to come and try it for yourself!

Massage helps heal injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments by increasing circulation and thereby decreasing inflammation and congestion in the tissues. There are specific massage techniques that can help prevent the build-up of adhesions and actually help soften older scar tissue. By getting the body in balance, free from pain and restriction, many injuries can be prevented.

There are studies being done at present that prove that massage therapy can actually improve and strengthen the immune system for many people. With an increase in good health and well-being your general energy reserves are renewed and life takes on a quality of restored creativity and vitality!

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